Torres del Paine (Chilean Patagonia): A Photo Set

The W Trail Across Lago Pehoe

Unlike the Argentinian equivalent, which yielded some fantastic weather for photos, the real Patagonia showed up in Chile. Torres del Paine –or Chilean Patagonia was rough with high winds, nasty weather, microclimates that would move from sun to rain in 30 minutes, and then would pound you with bad weather for hours.

Torres del Paine (Chilean Patagonia)

From left to right, Paine Grande, the Devil’s Horns and Almirante Nieto, holding the W Trail.

Featuring Torres del Paine’s W-trail — which kicked my butt in spite of the shape I’m in — this rugged landscape challenged me as a photographer. Bad lighting, drizzle, brief periods of good weather, all of which forced me to have a camera ready at hand so that when it broke, even slightly, I could take pics. Rare are the photos without a cloud.

Guanicos in the Chilean Patagonia Mountains

In this post you can see some of my favorites, or you can see the whole slideshow here.

A Sunset Halo for Paine Grande

Chilean Patagonia Sunset

French River Valley (The W)

Salto Grande (Patagonia Waterfall)

The Devil's Horns

The Granite Massives (The W)