Photos from the End of the World

The Magellan Strait

At the end of Latin America, across the Strait of Magellan (pictured above) you will find an island called Tierra del Fuego, the island of fire. Part Chile, part Argentina, this magical land plays home to the end of the Andes. As you can see, they just seem to drop into the Ocean down by the Beagle Channel.

Beagle Channel

You realize Ushuia, the city, is the last port of call before the three day boat ride to Antartica. It’s also the southern most city in the world. It’s kind of stunning and wild to think about.

Heading to Antartica

Tierra del Fuego is an incredible place, sizable and yet surreal. There’s a bizarre feel of calmness to it.

The Surreal Sun on the Beagle Channel

And the wildlife is just amazing as you can see below. I hope you can visit some day. Or if you prefer, check out the whole photo set on Flickr

Penguin Colony


Tierra del Fuego Bird - Garza Bruja

King Crab - The Beagle Channel Verson

Sea Lion Family

Dirty Birds I