Tattooing My Body “LIVESTRONG” for Cancer Research

Updated 3/14 at 10:30 a.m.: WE MADE IT! We have raised $5125. Thank you to the more than 100 donors!

Livestrong for banners.jpg

As some of you know, I have a close relative came down with cancer last year (he chooses to remain unnamed, but his cancer is now in remission). It turns out that my Cousin Paula (photo below) also came down with breast cancer last year, too (also in remission). That’s why I have decided to donate a little piece of my body to fundraise for cancer research with the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


If I successfully raise $5,000 by midnight on Sunday, I will literally get the LIVESTRONG brand tattooed on my body in Austin at SxSW on Monday. Here’s the donation page, please contribute today. Further, changeblogger and friend John Haydon has committed to getting his own tattoo if we reach $6500 in donations!

It's Done!

Last year’s SxSW tattoo

livestrong.jpg Before you laugh too much (OK, go ahead), I just want explain a little bit. The family cancers caused me to become interested in related charities. . There was a possibility of a three year old toddler without a parent, and how we were all going to help out the surviving parent. After my cousin Paula was diagnosed for breast cancer (early stage), she could not get health care coverage for three months. I believe we can change this.

And yes, I am no stranger to tattoos. This would be my seventh, and yes, I can live with LIVESTRONG on my body. I don’t think this is everyone’s cup of tea (see related post)…

So on to SxSW. And with your help, a nice contribution for cancer research and a new tattoo.

P.S. Check out this blog post about the LIVESTRONG brand, where I discussed people tattooing LIVESTRONG on their bodies!

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  1. Me thinks you need a counterpart female for this. *raising hand* I gladly volunteer! My grandma had breast cancer and my cousin died at 23 of Leukemia. I would be proud to do that in their memory! Now I just need to come up with 5K. Rock on!

  2. Hi Geoff. Kudos to you for your passion and commitment. I have been following you for a while, especially now that I am officially in the non-profit world! While cancer is an evil monster, I have met so many wonderful people through it, as I’m sure you can relate.
    My mom has lung cancer. She has never smoked. She’s Stage IV and on a maintenance program until her body can no longer handle the treatment. Five years ago when she told me of her diagnosis, I knew it was my mission to focus on increasing awareness and funding for lung cancer – and getting rid of the stigma.
    I started a campaign called, “WTF?” (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer? to chronicle my mom’s journey, as well as create a community for lung cancer patients.
    It has been such a rewarding experience. We do a lot of social media campaigns, which is new to a lot of members, but they are willing to try it. I am now Social Media Strategist at the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, where I have established a fund under my mom’s name.
    The response has been so great, that I am now starting “WTF Mobs” across the country, similar to Livestrong Armies.
    Just a little info (I am forever a PR chick)…Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer and the least funded. 60% of all new lung cancer cases are diagnosed in never-smokers (like my mom) or former smokers who quit decades ago. That’s a staggering statistic. So, you can see the lung cancer community still has its work cut out for it, but social media enables us to do it in so many new ways, as you know. (
    Wish I were able to go to SXSW! I am sooo bummed. Hopefully next year. Maybe I’ll get the chance to meet you at an upcoming non-profit social media conference. Again, thanks for all you do. Anxious to see that tattoo!! Jen

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  11. Geoff – Thanks for including me in your fundraiser! My girlfriend’s dad is in remission for blood cancer, so this hits a personal spot in my heart. Thanks!

  12. Geoff,

    I just got the word this morning that a dear friend and mentor is being moved into hospice today. The PR community in Denver is in mourning. f@$k cancer! I’ll donate to your cause. Thanks for making me feel like I can do something about it.

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  18. Kudos, glad to help, Geoff. I gave to LiveStrong just recently—thanks for supporting a great cause. I’m sending the best of thoughts for complete healing for your relatives.

  19. Great cause.

    I know in California, tattoo’s are becoming more common in any creative industry. Though it is still more acceptable for males to have a visible tattoo then us women. I have one on my wrist that I can cover with a bracelet and then one on my foot that I got while being filmed for a promotion for a food and wine tattoo contest. They both are easily hidden though.

    Where are you planning on putting your LIVESTRONG tattoo?

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