The El Show Episode 27: Embedded Journalism


Episode 27 of the El Show featured Ike Pigott, and his recent discussions of embedded journalism. From Ike’s most recent post:

“The [embedded journalists] of the future will work for the company, and be paid by the company to provide news about the company in a multitude of formats. Print, newsletter, video, blog, podcast, moving billboards, tattoos — whatever it takes. Because the bits and pieces of Corporate America that have a story to tell will still have their stories – just no ready outlets.

How is this different than what you have today? Surely there are corporate PR departments and external agencies already doing these things, right?


We proceeded to analyze and discuss. Here’s a breakdown of Episode 27:

  • Market dynamics changed to the point that “journalism” has become a shell of its former profession
  • Journalists are being forced to find new professional roles
  • PR hasn’t adapted either, thus the need for corporate storytellers
  • Examples of storytellers: Ebay, Verizon, etc.
  • How can embedded journalists overcome corporate distrust? And the lack of crowd wisdom?
  • How news reporting is failing Americans with Toyota accuracy, just like the Audi 5000!
  • Can people trust embedded journalists?

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