GreenMyParents Gets Ready for Earth Day

As soon as we finish the Run/Walk for Water on Sunday (have you registered yet?), it will be the week leading up to Earth Day. Many environmental organizations use Earth Day as a centerpoint to start or end initiatives for environmental awareness. We wanted to take a look at one that our DC-based friend Lynn Miller has taken on: GreenMyParents.

GreenMyParents is a movement that activates & enlists kids to lead their families in measuring & reducing environmental impact at home & “challenge” their parents to share savings with kids. The goal is to save $100 Million for American families by teaching kids how their families can save $100 by going green.

This year, GreenMyParents will launch and initiative on Earth Day with a youth-led webinar via The National Wildlife Federation’s The webinar is scheduled for 1 pm EDT. The Green Your Parents book will be downloadable on Earth Day as well.

Earth Day is just the beginning. GreenMyParents plan to run this program for an entire year and hope to have chapters in every school in America.

I like this approach because when kids start talking, parents are much more likely to pay attention. This is something the Gates Foundation focused on with their ED campaign three years ago.

What Earth Day efforts are you participating in?

Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.


  • Hi Geoff,

    Thanks so much for mentioning Green My Parents. There is SO MUCH going on with this 40th anniversary of Earth Day; we’re all so busy w/so much competing for our attention – it really means a lot that you took time to draw attention to what we are doing.

    This really is a unique movement – I hope you can join us for the webinar. I’m totally jazzed to hear what the kids have to say (and I’m very glad I’ve already got my degree and I’m not competing against them for college admission! Can you imagine the essays these kids will write???)

    Thanks again and GOOD LUCK with your own major initiative with the Run/Walk for Water. Wish I could join in…maybe next year.


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