Does the 40th Earth Day Matter?

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Ironically, not much fanfare has been made of the 40th Earth Day anniversary. Still the usual flood of events are being created to invoke environmental awareness by many organizations around the world. Disney even released a movie this year called Oceans. Given the incredible amount of environmental activism that occurs now throughout the year I wondered if Earth Day has achieved its mission.

The effort was started by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to create, “a national day of observance of environmental problems.” Now a global movement, Earth Day is celebrated across the globe.

One of the encouraging things about Earth Day is that more and more people think about the environment everyday. I asked my network for some thoughts on the event…


While Earth Day has become a center point for lots of noise, it still has value in my opinion. Not for those of us who are actively engaged in the daily struggles to be more mindful about our environmental consumption or general societal sustainability issues. But for those that still have yet to take on a sense of personal responsibility about the environment.

For those that are undecided, may the Earth Day celebration rise to a level that their ears and eyes cannot help but take notice. In my mind, when the world sings the environment’s cause for a day as loud as possible, it causes more and more of us to take heed. Earth Day still matters. On to 50!

Geoff Livingston is a regular contributor to the Live Earth blog.