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Words cannot convey the giddy delight that overcomes the soul when you find out that you will soon become a father. You find yourself wanting to sing it to the world, skip down mountains, and watch spring blossoms unfold themselves in the early am light, awed by nature’s amazing ability to regenerate every year. What a precious feeling.

For me, it was a dream come true — one I had began to doubt would ever come to pass, especially given Caitlin and I are in our latter thirties. Getting pregnant was not easy for us. But in the end, it happened.

I remember when Caitlin let me know the metaphorical game was afoot. We were driving home from Dulles airport in early March, I had picked her up after a three week assignment in Albania. She said to me in the car ride home, “We should pick up a pregnancy test on the way home.”

Something went click in my head, “She’s pregnant!” The tests that weekend confirmed it. The DC blizzards of 2010 had been very productive indeed!

Snowmageddon Night II 7 p.m. - After the Dig

But then the hard part began, which was keeping quiet until it was safe and Caitlin’s employer was in the know. In reality, we weren’t very good about this, more of a slow leak from immediate friends and family to more casual friends, and finally on Friday everyone was clued-in.

I feel unleashed! Finally, to be able to write about this most important life-changing experience. Ah. :)

My friends, we still have a long way to go. Six months, in fact. Nothing is certain, and I know this. But right now I feel so blessed and grateful. To be a Dad! Wow! And to celebrate Mother’s Day with Caitlin as mother-to-be, well, that will be special.

I know that many of my readers are parents. What was it like for you when you found out you were pregnant or had successfully adopted the first time?


  • Congrats, you are in for an incredible ride. Enjoy every minute, each of them bring more and more joy (not to mention many life lessons). So very happy for you all.


  • The worst part is all the ribbing from those acquaintances who say “Your life is going to change!”

    The best advice came from a district judge I knew, who told me:

    “Your life is going to start.”

    He was right.

    Happy journey to you, my friend. It really is just beginning.

  • Thrilled for you guys. Writing this with a huge smile! And sending you both hearty congrats. As Ike said, ‘your life is going to start.’ What a wonderful way to celebrate the year!

  • So very happy for you and Caitlin. I’ve not had the privilege/pleasure/pain of being a parent, so I live that life vicariously through friends. The fun part is that I get to love, cuddle, spoil the little ones … and then hand them back when the trouble starts. :-)

    You have my prayers for a healthy, happy baby and a safe delivery for Caitlin, and patience, wisdom and overwhelming joy for you. Congratulations, Papa!

  • Geoff,
    As mother’s day approaches, little could bring such a smile to this Mom as reading your giddy anticipation. You and Caitlin have a wondrous new world of discovery in store. Nothing compares to the winding road, an exploration of many paths really along which the joy of learning together, teaching each other is the thrill of so many new firsts, new beginnings. Breathe deep: smile, laugh, listen, love. Can there be any doubt that you will embrace to the fullest this *zoetic* miracle? So happy for you all! -D.

  • Geoff, I’m a mother to many, yet no children of my own. Already, I’m delighted to be sharing the experience of bringing a child into the world through your eyes. Your joy is contagious.

  • Congrats from the bottom of my heart. We tried for a while as well and one night after playing Squash my wife asked to come upstairs, sat on my lap and showed me the blue line. And that blue line just celebrated her 5th birthday. And when she wraps her little arms around me and tells me “You’re the bestest papa”, well, that’s the moment when everything is allright and the universe gave me more than I ever expected.

    Enjoy the ride.

  • Great comment, Ike, and so it begins. Love the blue line story, Uwe.

    Thank you, all of you, for your great wishes!

  • Congratulations, Geoff! I wish you and Caitlin a healthy & uneventful pregnancy!

  • Holy crap!! This is big news!!! Congratulations Geoff and Caitlin! You all will be parenting rock stars. What will the personal brand of the baby be like? I kid, I kid…

  • Congratulations, my friend! You’ve done some amazing things in your life already, but this will be your most incredible and the one you’ll be proudest of, I assure you. We, too, struggled with becoming parents, but all that frustration and waiting seemed to melt away when we heard those words “It’s a girl.” So happy for you and Caitlin! You’re going to be amazing parents!

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  • So happy for you and Caitlin, Geoff! Looking forward to reading more about your parenting journey.

  • There is nothing more amazing, incredible, tiring, rewarding, frustrating, still-more-rewarding, awe-inspiring, confusing, perfect, renewing, and joyous than being a parent.

    No one can ever truly express how much differently you see the world once there’s that pair of eyes seeing it with you.

    Congrats to you both – you are so going to love this!

  • Congratulations! I’m so happy for you two. It only gets better and better from here. The traditional Jewish response to finding out someone is pregnant is “B’sha’a tova” – at a good time. May the baby come when the time is right, and may Caitlin have an easy and uneventful pregnancy.

  • For the record, I was in Serbia, not Albania (who’d want to go there?)

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes. It’s a very special time and Geoff and I are looking forward to the arrival of the Super Peanut. High 5 to the SP!

  • One of the first things you feel is excited bewilderment. You’ve never had this feeling before. It’s exhilaration and wonderment with a touch of dread.

    It dawns on you that all your life, you’ve been a son. The latest edition of your family. Suddenly, that won’t be the case anymore. You’re going to be a dad. You’ll partially relive your childhood while you’re living your fatherhood.

    It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

  • Congratulations, Geoff, to you and Caitlin!

  • Congratulations from my heart to you both, Geoff and Caitlin—I’m sure you will be wonderful parents, and I look forward to reading about your shared journey. Like Connie, I have not been able to take that journey with human children myself (I was widowed in my 30s, about the time when I might have had children), but I have been a loving animal mom and unofficial auntie to several of my friends’ and relatives’ children. I have also worked with children and teens in several job situations, but I’m sure nothing truly prepares you for this most precious and intimate of life’s adventures as parents. May you and Caitlin have a smooth, safe and healty pregnancy and delivery. My best wishes will always be with all of you.:-D

  • Wonderful and fabulous news. Congratulations–thank you for including us (your online network) in such an adventure!

  • Congratulations!! What wonderful news – I know you have been looking forward to being a dad for quite a while now. It is surely to be life changing and seems to be perfect timing. Very happy for you.

  • Geoff,

    Congrats. You’ll find, if you haven’t already, that being a dad actually makes you more like a mom.

    Aspects of your life that are both Protector and Provider emerge. You start to think more about the future of our world. You start to think about why our species is relevant.

    You begin to love.

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  • My official congrats! I agree with Ike, you are about to start a wonderful and challenging journey. I can only imagine what an awesome father you will be. You have taught me so many valuable lessons over the years, so I know your guidance to your future son or daughter will be just and mold that being into a wonderful human.

  • I’m late but just saw this — congrats Geoff and Caitlyn!! :) I really just want to know if you’re already picking out a domain name for the baby. Haha. Junior will have some competition now!

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