Observing A Pregnancy

You often hear about what a pregnancy feels like, what to expect when expecting and the like. And surely nothing actually prepares you for the actual experience, or at least so I hear. At least as the male in a pregnant couple, there’s really nothing you can read, hear or do to understand. You’re relegated to close observation, and of course, providing as much assistance as you can.

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It’s exciting and a little weird watching your partner go through the immense biological change of pregnancy. Things change every day, physiologically and the ensuing effects on mind and emotion. One day tired, the next hungry for chocolate covered pretzels!

While a very precious time, it seems tough on women, too. Watching Caitlin experience her first pregnancy, I see how hard it can be to see your clothes suddenly no longer fit, your body swell up, and the impact a vast new daily dose of hormones does to you. It takes courage to navigate some of the pitfalls that come with this.

Maybe there should be a book for guys, what to expect as the guy expecting. Oh, there already is (plural). Or maybe not, because we still wouldn’t get it.

Lest I seem like I’m just watching, there’s more to it. We’re there to be present, supportive and help. It’s a time to work with your partner to get ready, and ease her load if at all possible. That’s kind of the fun part really, helping out, being useful, contributing to this miracle that’s going to arrive in your family.

When I talk about it with other guys, they smile broadly and nod. Then slap you on the back, because it’s pretty cool to be the expecting Dad.