24 Replies to “Meme: Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following Ethically”

  1. I find that the best way to increase followers is just by being myself and not really focusing on follower-count (as corny as that sounds). Balance is what counts, and your 3:1 idea is a good idea to get started. Sometimes it’s hard to stop posting about what’s going on at the moment, like what’s for lunch, and instead post about the 10 interesting articles that are waiting to be read on Google Reader. Balance is a good way to go about it because followers like personality as well as recommendations. At least that’s my take on the Twitter-sphere.

  2. I would add promote the agendas of others. I’ve found that when I sincerely and consistently promote other people’s fundraisers, blogs, questions – whatever – they’re more likely to recommend me to their followers.

    Also, another strategy I’ve noticed is to focus on building interesting conversations with others during scheduled hashtag events (see #7). If you contribute thoughtful and engaging conversation, you’ll be more likely to stand out – and followed.

  3. Thank you for the great post. In a nutshell, I think what it all comes down to is having a smart (not smarmy) strategy and following through with it authentically (via the many tactics you outlined). Thanks, as always!!! Jen

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