The El Show Episode 33: PR Ethics and the Oil Spill


Episode 33 of the El Showfeatured guest host Rich Becker who filled in for a sick Richard Laermer. We discussed the Deep Horizon oil spill crisis, the collective communications mess that has ensued, and the ethical issues presented.

Here’s a breakdown of Episode 33:

  • Introducing Rich Becker and his Fresh Content Initiative
  • Breaking down the oil spill problem into a series of sub-crisis, from the culpability aspect, to fixing the oil spill, the different clean up issues, and the PR behind
  • BP’s role? Rich says that they simply need to fix the oil leak and stop dismissing environmental damage.
  • Is it a question of leadership: BP is running the entire show, and it’s not realistic.
  • We analyze the BP (Haliburton and Transocean) PR and the related ethics
  • Then we discussed the role of MMS in the oil spill, and how Elizabeth Birnbaum lost her job
  • The DC blame game and how it’s backfiring on Obama
  • How Obama is starting to position BP as the enemy
  • PR ethics and the oil crisis
  • When to become a whistle blower

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