Gulf Fact Finding Mission to Help Fishermen

We believe that BP and Obama administration have been incapable of providing a satisfactory resolution to the incredible devastation from the Deep Horizon oil spill (White House Image: Obama talks to Gulf region fishermen). In fact, both BP and the federal government mostly seem to act only under the gun of media pressure.

The clear losers are the people of the Gulf and the environment. One of the most afflicted parties are the fishermen, who will receive aid from BP, but are likely to lose their careers due to the incredible and likely irreversible damage the marine environment is receiving.

As a society, we continue to experience great anger about this situation. While BP has taken responsibility, it’s clear they cannot resolve the matter. We cannot wait for corporations or the government to act. It’s been almost two months and the crisis is deepening.

We will create a Citizen Effect: Find local charities to pair with a national fundraising drive and help fishermen to find a sustainable, environmentally friendly future. This would be the best outcome from the oil spill.

To accomplish this we are going to the Gulf to talk to the people: The fishermen, local businesses and organizations. They best understand their economy and environment, and needs more than anyone– not BP and the government. We hope to pair their local expertise and knowledge with our ability to create a national, social media driven citizen movement and fundraising drive.

In addition it is clear that both BP and the government are blocking stories from reaching the public. We hope to provide a citizen journalist accounting of the story using our social media tools, specifically, Twitter, Facebook, FLickr, U-Stream and of course our blogs.

Geoff Livingston, May Yu and Dan Morrison  593

Citizen Effect’s May Yu and Dan Morrison and I are going to the Louisiana Coast on an exploratory mission from June 27 through July 1. Citizen Effect is fundraising $10,000 to underwrite the Gulf Mission and set up the larger fund to benefit the fishermen. If you feel inclined to fund this mission, please donate here.

We will publish the full itinerary next week, and if you are a local organization or fisherman who would like to talk, please contact us at gulf [at]