The El Show Episode #35: The Effective Apology


Episode 35 of the El Showfeatured business book author John Kador, who most recently authored Effective Apology, a guidebook to apology. This was timely given my panel at DC Week this Friday on Public Failure as well as the ongoing BP crisis. Richard and I talked with John on a wide variety of topics.

Here’s the breakdown of Episode 34:

  • Why John wrote the book
  • The five Rs of an effective apology: Recognize acts, take Responsibility, demonstrate Regret, make Restitution, promise not make to Repeat
  • Act your way into in effective apology, you can’t talk it
  • BP stumbled into apologizing, and initially tried to minimize the situation
  • How spin lacked factual communications and hurt BP
  • Obama’s approach to the oil spill from an apology perspective
  • The Citizen Effect/Geoff Livingston mission to the Gulf to benefit local fishermen
  • The BP advertising decision, and whether it was welcome
  • We don’t know if the apology will be accepted
  • The fantasy of a cover-up and how it betrays relationships
  • Face your mistakes directly and clean it up quickly
  • How lawyers can really mess up a situation (Exxon Valdez)
  • Recent apologies: Jim Joyce vs Tiger Woods
  • The humility of a good apology

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