What to Expect on Our Gulf Mission

What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister? – Jim Morrison, When the Music Is Over


Images by Kris Krug from his TedX OilSpill Expedition set.

The time is almost upon us for our well-discussed Gulf Mission. Thank you all for your support. Together, I will work with Citizen Effect’s Dan Morrison and May Yu to find an actionable, tangible way for people across the country to help those suffering as a result of the ongoing Deep Horizon oil spill.

We have a clear goal: Work with local charities and people to find a way to help Gulf fishermen who have likely lost their careers, their tradition. How will be determined on the trip. We already have meetings set with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board; the Greater New Orleans Foundation; Catholic Charities, including site visits to constituents of America’s Second Harvest, the Archdiocese, fishermen; and with Sloane Berrent, who is organizing a nationwide Gulf Coast Benefit concert event on July 1.

Along the way we have committed to a full citizen journalist effort. What does that mean? We will be blogging, tweeting, photographing, sending mini live podcast reports, etc. throughout our days from the Gulf. We already have several commitments to distribute that content beyond our blogs and social media properties.

You can tell which boats are returning from the Gulf

But it’s more than just on the scene reporting, it’s an attitude: We will ask hard questions. When it comes to our government and BP, we will not assume they are doing the right thing. In fact, evidence shows that they continue to stumble, with atrocities like burning endangered turtles to death rather than rescuing them.

We will tell real people’s stories. We will show their faces, and we will listen to them and show their viewpoint. And we will highlight those special angels on the frontlines fighting to protect the Gulf and the people most afflicted by this tragedy.

It’s with an attitude of service that we fly to New Orleans on Sunday. I hope you’ll join us for this journey.

You Killed Our Gulf... Our Way of Life