8 Replies to “The Long Tail of Media Grows”

  1. The problem is more than just taxonomy.

    There’s a real confusion about trust, professionalism, quality and purpose.

    We’re all publishers now, but we’re not all polished.

  2. The observation on the dynamic between short-tail and longer-tail media is interesting and, I think, underscores the value of not focusing solely on the short tail: that Gowalla has a part in creating the environment in which Foursquare rises to the top; and that attention from (relatively) smaller, quality blogs can draw the attention of larger blogs and print media.

  3. I was studying Shoemaker’s Gatekeeping model and I came to the same conclusion of you about longtail applied to Communication, the issue is not the source of information is the Topic, if the big media cannot influence how we think they will still influence what we think about. Bloggers will try to leverage on the trendy news of the big ones will never be at the tail, think about the topic not the source. The big challenge is not to have an alternative view on a current topic, but its to break the silent on the real issues. The Influencer for me are at the Tail because they are the only one able to elect a new topic
    Antonio Velardo

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