4 Replies to “Social Media Offers No Panacea”

  1. Well said. I say some version of the above almost every day. The hard part, of course, is helping those organizations recognize the cultural shift required when they don’t want to see it.

    My experience is that folks are generally an equal mix of enthusiasm and fear. Enthusiasm at the possibility of expanding their work, but fearful not only of how the various tools work, but also of the internal culture that often acts as a barrier to self expression.

  2. Acknowledging that social media is just a set of tools that can be use or abused toward any goal, I think social media’s biggest potential is as a branding tool.

    It allows you to spread and re-iterate your brand’s message (as per your communication policies and capacity) on both a wides-cale and “one-to-one (or one-to-a relative few)” level.

    That being said, I think a lot of organization need to consider whether social media best practices are within the scope of their brand — i.e. is brand X a brand that wants to be seen as open and accessible.

    Of course, all this being said, social media has done a lot to change market ecosystems. Consumers have had a taste for communication power, and now they kind of expect it.

    So yeah, every organization needs to examine how they can leverage social media in a way that’s inline with their branding. And if no immediate way is evident, I think they need to consider whether it’s time to rebrand — not for social media’s sake, but for the sake of modern consumer/citizen expectations.

  3. Very good points. It is funny the local baseball team here is horrible at listening. They have all these followers and they are not helping someone who is coming from Toronto area to here who is trying to get a tweet up. They have to have an official one. Yes, I am trying to be vague because I am a part time staffer and not in the marketing department.

    I just wish they would listen and engage instead of DMing me the details of something which isn’t related to what he was trying to do.

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