6 Replies to “Dream Teams: Some Want Stardom, I Enjoy Winning”

  1. Jeff,

    I can totally relate. Ignite wouldn’t be anything with just me. From day one with Lisa Braziel to over 30 people now, we have success precisely because people with different skill sets and backgrounds come together to make the project better.

    I guess I could hide all of them and pretend otherwise (or try), but that would be less genuine, less motivational and, ultimately, less successful for all of us.

    It’s a team thing. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  2. Geoff,

    I’m completely with you on the satisfaction of a team “win” being hard to beat. Like you (though nowhere near close to you), I’ve had my share of personal spotlight moments and, like you, of course I feel good about them. Who wouldn’t?

    But there are two things about team wins that make them unique, whether it’s with a team I’m working with in-house, or as a consultant, or my class at Hopkins.

    The first is seeing people put personal differences aside to work towards a common goal. The satisfaction when one achieves that goal is incomparable.

    The second is the education process. How many times do we go into situations thinking we know better than others, or that our way is the right way? When we’re actually able to put our egos aside and do what’s best for the situation and team, it’s an incredible learning experience – again, tough to beat.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post.

  3. Jim and Shonali: And I know both of you have received personal accolades, too. Jim, I bet like Shonali and me you see them as a good thing, but in the end we’re just trusted servants for our larger teams.

  4. Geoff,
    Count me in on the side of seeking the team win over personal accolades. On a relational level, the team sets a standard for shared work that depends on the individual talents of each member. It’s vital that members know their capabilities but at the same time being open to the prompting/cheering of the others to achieve greater for the benefit of the group and project.

    I really appreciate this analogy as well as Shonali’s second point about the education process.

    Besides, we’d look kind of silly trying to high-five ourselves.


  5. Love the new blog design and agree 100% that RAD Campaign is terrific! I’m not as into sports metaphors as you – but I’d describe the team as chamber music performances (versus orchestra with a well known conductor). And, I don’t want to be John Lennon …

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