2 Replies to “Facebook for Nonprofits – #ztrain 3”

  1. I have been an avid participant of the Facebook Birthday Wish campaign. I am doing my second one for a cause I enjoy. So I think that is another thing you can do. I know you their are different ways you can donate but I like this one.

  2. I attended one of your sessions this week at DU, and I’d like to ask a question that I thought of after the session. The magazine I edit went up on Facebook in June, and we’re slowly but steadily gaining more followers — nearly 200 now. But I think most of them are my friends (whom I’ve recommended the FB page to) or others who visit the magazine’s Web site. When I ask for comments on an article, I get no response. But when I ask about a topic that may have been published in the last issue, I get fairly good response. I think most of our readers are older people and therefore aren’t on Facebook. How can I get people to talk about our content? Or should I shift strategy?

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