microMARKETING Offers Refreshing Look at Online Communications

Geoff Livingston and Greg Verdino
Me getting my chops busted by Greg Verdino

It’s been about two years since I published a book review about online or social media marketing. Generally, while many friends have had their turn at the plate and I know their books have great helpful ideas and content, there tenants have had an element of redundancy, and I could not finish them (and I only review if I’ve read half of the book).

Greg Verdino‘s microMARKETING offers a different experience with new, refreshing looks at online communications. In my mind, while it offers many of the tenants his contemporaries espouse, the book has new, exciting approaches and tenants. I actually found the book’s style and approaches (do many small things well and Greg’s view of earned media) inspiring, and caused me to rethink a couple of my own projects.

Case in point, the 7th Son case study in Chapter Eight was just fantastic. As someone who has published business book with a second in the works, but also has two novels almost contracted with publishers I could not help but absorb every detail. The case study made me resolve to re-edit one of the novels, and publish it independently (gasp) using social tools to promote.

This book is full of case studies like that, from Laura Luke and Sephora to the Dancing Man, as well as a few social media mainstays that you’ll be familiar with. In addition, the book offers seven principles of microMARKETING that are well explained and a series of questions in the final chapter to turn the quick read into a learning lesson for your organization.

I tend to lock onto great sound bites, and this one resonated so well with me, you can expect to see it in Welcome to the Fifth Estate (location 1172 on Kindle):

“All this creates a new marketing imperative and demands a new media model. When a company attempts to interrupt the stream, the stream is bound to shift course, or simply flow around the interruption. But if a brand can actually become part of the stream, it will be carried along in the flow itself.”

Thank you for a very compelling read, Greg. I highly recommend microMARKETING not just for those looking to begin their journey, but for those of us who have seen a few rodeos in their time. I’m looking forward to the launch party tomorrow night.