• Geoff,

    Exellent overview here!

    One thing you said towards the end that’s interesting: “For the amount of time spent, there are better primary ways to raise money”. I assume (possibly incorrectly) that the #citizengulf discussions and the growth of the online community will have a reverberating effect on fundraising.

    In other words, social media can play a secondary but critical role in campaigns where fundraising is the primary goal.

    But I’d love to hear your thoughts. Assuming the strategy is solid, does an increase in online engagement typically lead to an increase in funds?

  • I think social media is a support mechanism for fundraising, but not a primary tool set for it. You can certainly monetize social with calls to action, and use it to help promote larger efforts but anything more than that is not likely, IMO. Hire a development director or salesperson first.

  • Geoff – I love this postmortem. It’s truly great to have an inside look at what happened. From my perspective as a DC event attendee – it was an awesome gathering of friends, an awkward dating auction, and a spirit of doing something good.

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