The El Show Episode 41: Nazis Playing Frisbee


Episode 41 started off quivering about the Pet Shop Boys, theater and the Expendables.

  • Richard Laermer hung out with the Pet Shop Boys, and they like Eminem.
  • Richard discussed the theater, then Geoff joined the conversation with an epic rant about Washington theater.
  • We discussed Richard Wagner, and Nazis playing frisbee. It’s so wrong!
  • When people ask us to do things for free, the recession is really bad. Things are bad right now, says Richard.
  • Philadelphia charges bloggers $300 to exist in the city.
  • The Emmys happened and Breaking Bad won, but Conan O’Brien didn’t.
  • The Tea Party is funded by the richest people in the right
  • The New York newspaper game, from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Post.

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