Free eGuide on Cause Marketing via Social Media


Zoetica teamed with Network for Good to co-author Cause Marketing through Social Media, a free eGuide (you can download it here). The twenty page guide covers five basic steps:

  • The Basics
  • Frame the Campaign
  • Get People to Act
  • Build on Momentum
  • CSR In Times of Disaster

There are many types of corporate-sponsored social good campaigns of all types. Companies deploy matching grant contests that ask participants to rally the most donations for their favorite causes. Some prefer crowdsourced voting contests that reward the most popular charities with corporate grants. And others offer campaigns that ask people to pledge volunteer time, acts of kindness or donation dollars to achieve a common goal.

As the CSR movement evolves, companies will continue to leverage cause marketing initiatives to meet new, triple bottom line demands and create a halo effect for brands. The potential for online social good campaigns to achieve real impact – both in terms of return on marketing spend and return on social good – remains high, if companies are thoughtful and strategic in how they structure their cause marketing programs.

Cause Marketing is at its best when all the pieces – relevant cause, strong marketing proposition, and compelling call to action – come together. It’s difficult to do, but really worth it.

We understand the challenges and rewards of online social good campaigns and offer this eGuide to ensure that your company’s foray into online cause marketing thoughtfully achieves both your marketing goals (a positive impact on the bottom line) and your social good goals (real help for the community). If you seek to avoid the controversies that arise from misguided campaign planning and execution that can severely undermine brands in the public eye, keep reading!

P.S. Special thanks to Kate Olsen for spearheading this effort!