Soleil Shines a New Light, Thank Yous

Soleil Is a Halloween Baby

Soleil Maya Livingston joined us this morning at 3:31 a.m. The parents thought a blog was in order to wish her a very warm welcome.

Before waxing poetic, we want to thank the great people who wished Soleil a warm arrival today, and congratulated Caitlin and I. So many people reached out to us on the interwebs. It was amazing! Hundreds, from Norway to Argentina, and that was just incredible. It literally brought tears to our eyes seeing all of the responses. Totally unexpected. Thank you so much.

Caitlin and Soleil are both doing great! The baby came in at 6 lbs, 10 oz, one week before her due date of November 4. October 29 also happens to be Soleil’s maternal grandmother Jane’s birthday, and her paternal grandparents Tom and Maxine’s anniversary. With so many things to celebrate, October 29, will be a golden day across our family for many years.

A New Light

Soleil Maya Livingston

Ike Pigott wrote an interesting thing on my Facebook wall today, ” I eventually got tired of all the people who said ‘Ha! Your life is going to change.’ The truth is, your life is going to *start.* And you now know exactly why.” Just below his comment my sister said something similar, every time a baby is born, a parent is also born.

On a personal note, I so understand this now. And yeah, there is nothing that anyone can say that prepares you for holding your child in your arms for the first time, taking care of it, holding it, keeping it warm. It breaks a seal in your soul, and a new kind of indescribable love, the greatest love, flows freely from the depths of your being.

It’s amazing. It was an emotional day, and I think probably the greatest day of my life yet.

Both of us are so grateful for Soleil’s presence in our lives. And we want to thank all of you again for your support.


Caitlin and Geoff