This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful for Water

This Thanksgiving I’m fundraising for charity: water to help provide fresh water resources to some of the many people in this world who can’t enjoy a clean, refreshing drink of H2O, much less the incredible bounty most of us partake in. The above video details a little more why I think we should be grateful for water.

2010 was a year where we have treated our water with complete lack of respect, from BP’s Deep Horizon oil spill and the ensuing dispersant nightmare to the red sludge poisoning of the Danube River.

Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, and we treat our water resources – fresh and salt alike – like it is sewage. That’s why I have decided to fundraise this holiday season for charity: water. Water is a precious resource all humans should have access to, and without fear of it being polluted. Please help if you can, and donate to build water wells in developing countries..