The Me, Myself and I Challenge

To discuss the whole meme of nihilism in social media would be pointless. It’s been beaten to death. Bloggers are by their very nature self centered creatures. One could joke that Me, Myself and I are a blogger’s favorite words! In some top tier blogs, you can count 30, 40, even 50% of the ten visible posts beginning with the word I.

While I’ve morphed my style to my ego, err to the medium, I’ve learned to write in many styles over my professional career. I’ve published poetry, wrote over 500 news articles and columns in the wireless industry, have written two professional books, have written research reports pretty frequently, so many sales proposals, and yes, I am also a complete failure at novels (but I got some roadkill if you want to see them).

Point being, experienced writers can change styles pretty easily, in my opinion. And that provoked the thought, “What would happen to a blog if the blogger couldn’t use the words me, myself or I for a month?”

In some ways, it might be like robbing a drug addict of their fix. You could watch the blogger convulse as they wanted to talk about themselves.

But then after reviewing the amount of times “I” has appeared in my most recent five posts, I thought it might be a healthy thing to do. Things might get more interesting around here with an intentionally outward focus. In many ways, it would be a return to journalistic style and overtones with less opining, and more links and facts. So from Thanksgiving until Christmas, look for me to take the Me, Myself and I challenge on this blog.

P.S. If I really have to talk about myself I may go Bob Dole on you. How annoying would that be?