Tuesday Tune-Up: Interesting Reads

Rocky Mountain Sunrise

Some interesting reads this morning around the social web, which you may enjoy:

The New America Foundation breaks down three types of collaborative design for community technology, human centered, appropriate and participatory. Designing a product or service for communities requires thought towards outcomes, approach and research, amongst many other things. Creating social technology products for communities and lasting change really falls under the traditional guise of product marketing for those who may have geek nomenclature issues.

When people follow information blindly on the web, they fall down rabbit holes. Valeria Maltoni discusses the need for average citizens to dig deeper online, inspired by this weekend’s stellar New York Times article about DecorMyEyes.com. This article shows digital hucksterism at its best.

Lucy Bernholtz looks at two technologies that may reshape online giving. One is Kickstarter a seed funder that works for both nonprofits and traditional companies. The second is MissionMarkets, which is working towards a regulated exchange for equity investments in social enterprises.

Richard Becker takes Porsche to task for being the latest company to do the numbers race without looking at the quality of its social community. You’d think Porsche would have been faster on the pedal with both the #s and the community. Engineering, right?

There has been a lot of buzz about Jumo in the nonprofit space, a platform created by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Zoetica CEO Beth Kanter takes a look at the new service today on her blog. Steve McLaughlin breaks down the five Ws and tells readers why they should be excited.