• Good read Geoff. Back to basics, always. Thanks.

  • Geoff, thank you so much for the extended riff on the core point I made in my AdAge essay. I’m sorry you thought the piece meandered, and I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that there are any ‘ills’ with social media. The sickness is in the hearts and minds of many marketers who waste their time trying to find uses for social — fixing imagined problems of communication when the real issue is and always has been operations — some of whom you cite in your article.

    • Thanks, Jonathan. I certainly got your gist, and I hope my piece reflects that. The benefit of having a marketing background, classic ad agency training, clued me right in. There are so many negative stories posts out there about social media that it becomes easy to lose the point. And you are right, you should seek to find a use for social. It’s a tool set, not a panacea. Sometimes, you don’t need to use the wrench! I appreciated your piece.

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  • Thank you for your SM insights and discussing Jonathan’s article. If you have something to talk about, social media is a great communications tool. If you have a great product or service, it is a great tool to enable customers to evangelize your product. If you want feedback from customers on what they really need, it is a good engagement tool. Thank you for pointing out, it isn’t a marketing silver bullet for tired old products and companies that have lost relevance.

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