6 Replies to “The Over Commercialization of GeoSocial”

  1. I’ve only experimented with Foursquare for a little while. But this is is pretty interesting since I’ve seen a glimpse of this over commercialization and read/heard others experiencing similar fatigue. It will certainly be fascinating to see which services take the adaptation and change route and which one(s) flounder and fade.

    1. Thanks, Richie. I do think that if things stay stagnant it’s likely to be a fad or a niche service. Yet in my mind, the question then becomes what will rise to succeed, because I cannot imagine geosocial not taking off. With the right form factor it just seems obvious.

  2. Nice post, Geoff. This is a really new and evolving space that will take time to develop. But I think the value proposition of geo-social applications, which is to market to people via their smartphones where they are and when they want something is the future of consumer (and cause) marketing. We may not be looking at the ultimate shape of that future, but it’s one that isn’t going to disappear.


    1. I appreciate the marketers view, and I’m sure this crystal ball forecast is likely. Right now the community seems to object. A better balance of mutual interest should be struck if marketers want anything beyond a niche demographic. As always, thank you Joe for driving by.

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