The Best Bloggers Avoid Pitfalls to Serve

“When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.” – Thomas Jefferson


Image by Leigh Durst

The idea of public service dates back to the founding of this country, when people were first elected to represent citizens of the United States. In modern times, people create leaders in various online communities by giving them their time and attention. Usually bloggers or content curators, these people provide their communities great value through quality information, witty insights, and other relevant content. In essence, they serve their communities. Consistency makes them trusted servants.

Success breeds great challenges for well received bloggers. It’s really hard for them because in many ways their community puts them on a pedestal, and some bloggers can’t meet the challenge over time.

These challenges include:

  • Moving from a service mentality to perceived market brokers, dealmakers allocating influence as they see fit.
  • Sometimes sycophants surround the influencer, blindly supporting them even though the original community value may no longer remain.
  • Taking the accolades too seriously, creating a false notion of existing above the industry.
  • Becoming too busy with the duties of weblebrity forces people to become separated from the actual work and the community, in turn causing subject matter expertise to wain.

It’s hard to believe there can be so many dangers that come with success! The pedestal is a hard place to sit. Some could argue that these land mines are the price of a job well done. Lest a feeling of pity rise, let’s remember that there are no victims, only volunteers. Easier said then walked. It cannot be an easy thing to transform through, particularly for people who may be experiencing their first tastes of success.

Yet in spite of all of these potential landmines, the best bloggers never lose sight of what made them successful, their communities. They continue to serve and remain top-ranked with their original community in tact through the years.

Perhaps it’s a mindfulness that allows them keep their feet on the ground to ensure that they can continue. Folks like Om Malik, Michelle Malkin, Beth Kanter and Darren Rowse keep the trust of their communities with relentless service and value. They stay on mission, they get that it’s all about providing the community value, and they never waver.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers that act as trusted servants?