10 Wishes for the Baby New Year


Image from Rudolph’s Shiny New Year

With the Baby New Year about to be born, it’s time to reflect on resolutions and wishes for the next 365 days. Here are 10 wishes for the online communications space in 2011:

1) Instead of running to lynch Julian Assange, the market needs a deeper analysis of Wikileaks and its role in the 21st century media environment, good and bad. The implications will be far reaching for all Fifth Estate participants, bloggers, pseudo journalists and social network voices, alike.


2) Ethics, what are those? It’s time for the Wild West known as the blogosphere to look deeply at practices like affiliate marketing, Perks and other interesting forms of compensation.

3) That the market starts treating high school conversations purporting greatness and righteousness as the distractions that they are. There are so many better ways to invest our time.


4) May the mercenaries at Apple cave and let nonprofits receive commission-free donations on iPhone Apps.

5) Vigorous civil discourse ensues about what happens next now that social media adoption is coming to a close, and the primary focus is learning best practices.


6) Better self policing in the communications blogosphere. When a communications blogger takes a plane ticket — disclosed or not — to attend a party, then blatantly defends the party organizer and the questionable influence algorithm financing the effort, conversations about ethics need to happen. Enjoy the Pop Chips.

7) That Causes, Crowdrise, Jumo, or another platform becomes a killer valuable middleware solution that really makes a great difference for the nonprofit social web.


8) A great book launch for Welcome to the Fifth Estate that centers on the actual ideas in the text. Isn’t that what books are supposed to be about, ideas?

9) President Obama announces that he won’t run for re-election in 2012. Well, it’s just a wish!


10) Last, but certainly not least, that Soleil and every reader’s children stay healthy and safe in 2011.

Do you have a wish you’d like to add?

Special thanks to Anna Barcelos, Diane Court, Susan Murphy, Amy Hordes Erbe, Meg Fowler, Danny Brown, Isaac Pigott, Liz Scherer, Devin Mathias and Stacey Hood for their wishes, too! Trackbacks on this post are turned off. This post does not seek to generate in-bound links, instead it will hopefully inspire people to consider the ideas discussed in the context of their own efforts.


  • My wish for the new year when it comes to online communications? That I learn to stick to my 2 rules of written communication:
    1) Go back and re-read anything I’ve written using the worst possible interpretation and then edit, rinse, repeat until it is considerably less likely to be taken in it’s worst possible light.
    2) Don’t post in haste or in anger. Or better yet? Don’t post if you can’t add to the conversation.

    I totally need to remember those.

    • I am definitely trying to proof my blog posts on a deeper level before I let them go. At the same time, we’re all human. So, my friend, forgive and forget. Hope the cruise went well.

      • The majority of my issues online this year were caused by my not following those rules. Looking back, I think I might’ve saved myself and others a lot of grief if I’d spent just a few more minutes applying them. Present company included. I’m grateful for friends who give me the benefit of the doubt rather than just writing me off. But I still want to improve in this area.

        The cruise was even more amazing than last year. I know the environment wouldn’t be for everyone (no ability to leave early, running into everyone anytime you set foot outside your cabin) but it makes for really deep bond with people. It’s also the only event I don’t want to miss a single session at. It’s kind of nice to be at an event where there’s no “entry-level” sessions and no “inspirational” keynote. I suspect it’s the kind of event you’d approve of. :)

  • Wow, I sure do cuss a lot… :)

    Merry Christmas, Geoff, and a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope at least some of these wishes come true :)

  • Yes, Danny, you do. Cheers Geoff. Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus and Happy New Year.

  • Danny and Stacey: Happy holidays to you both, too. Thanks for coming by.

  • Thanks for the mention Geoff! Here’s to a great 2011 for all!

  • Thanks for the mention Geoff. Let’s hope these wishes come true or at least we can all create a revolution against SM BS. Ha! Looks like a degree program. See you on the networks.:-)

  • I agree with Isaac Pigott, I want the FIRE back. What has happened to social media networks? It seems as though the exciting, new and innovative technologies that shake the ground Twitter and Facebook walk on are yet to be thought of or released. All of a sudden the normal social media tools are common place, boring. I need something new that will set fire to the practitioners out there.

    I wish for new smart technologies.

    Happy Holidays and New Year to you Geoff and all!

    • I agree, hopefully we’ll see some more exciting things from middleware players over the next year, solutions that are sitting on top of Facebook and Twitter.

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