• I like the groups in Linkedin. I’ve always found them better suited for business connections than Facebook. I also drive a lot of traffic from my Youtube channel. I have many clients tell me they feel like they already know me after watching my videos, they breed familiarity.
    I also use youtube for instructional screen capture videos, clients and non-clients alike like the step by step video instructions.

    As for Stumbleupon, that’s one site I don’t visit often. perhaps it’s time, perhaps it’s usefulness. Whatever the reason, I don’t use Stumblupon much.

    As for others, I use Vimeo because it allows longer videos. Tried Quora but was less than impressed. Foursquare is fun.

    • I do here good things about Vimeo. Quora was a big fat huge hype bubble that exploded and wasted everyone’s time.

      I gave up on the location networks about nine months ago… It’s something that the market considers important, and I should try again, but it is not the most exciting user experience I have ever been involved in.

  • Have seen StumbleUpon mentioned quite a bit lately. I have been over there for a while now, but it remains, like all other bookmarking sites, a dramatically under utilized tool in my shed.

    YouTube has been nothing but a great experience for me. The discipline if trying to create clear and concise clips has actually helped my overall communication.

    • I wish I was better at YouTube. I hear it has a fantastic user network… I guess I am just a text based guy after all.

  • I personally think that Care2 is a pretty darn cool social network. :) (And, full disclosure, I work there as a communications manager.)

    I was introduced to Pearltrees last week ( and using that to bookmark, share and find good stuff.

    • If you don’t love where you work…

    • Sue Anne, thanks for the mention. I’m really glad you like what we’re doing. I haven’t forgotten about you – I’ll follow up this week so we can chat more and perhaps I can show your associates how Pearltrees can be useful for your work and interesting for your readers as well.



    • Agree Sue Anne … Care2 isn’t the mainstream hot buzzword right now like what I term “the big three” (social replacing auto with that phrase), but it’s got some very good momentum and value in a good space.

      As you likely know, healthy and “green living” is growing … but still somewhat a niche audience. This will hopefully change more as people realize that social is about everything from media and mobile to responsibility (personally and professionally). But, it needs to be easier for them to do this and that will be in large part by companies continuing to cater to best practices over the immediate short-term financial benefits (not an easy thing). Randy Paynter has done a nice job in mobilizing the effort with a solid team. When I spoke about mobile innovation and social media for emerging nations at Nokia World in London a few months ago, one of the best comments made was from a senior Nokia person: “we believe that you can do good AND do well.”

      I do think there are some more strategic marketing opportunities for you all to explore, but over time many areas should grow. I’d also look at how Causes (Sean Parker) leveraged the big audience of Facebook to establish their presence … Care2 may be able to do more of that also, in addition to the amazing blogging system in place.

      I am a fan of the brand, logo and tagline presentation – Care2 … Make A Difference. Brilliant, as they stand alone well — but have a bigger impact when next to one another.

      Good luck and certainly reach out if I can do anything to help! @IanGertler

      And Geoff … as usual, terrific topic to spur interaction and discussion.

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