• Thank you for the link back, Geoff. I completely agree that measurement needs to be built in right at the start. It’s amazing how many insights one can get that help shape the program, campaign or outreach. In that respect, I think smart strategists also recognize the need to remain flexible, based on what your community is “telling” you. I think it was in a presentation of Kami’s that I saw the phrase “analytics tell you stories,” which I thought was spot on. They really do, if we pay attention.

    • It’s the least “sexy” of topics in social, but it’s the one that you need. I keep seeing articles on long term successes in social, but almost none of them mention measurement. I can’t understand how one can occur without the other. It makes no sense to me. I don’t know. Thanks for the affirmation.

  • You know what? I don’t think that there as been a better analogy than that of water for an online community.

  • Geoff – excellent job here!

    My fav: “understanding media usage patterns and changes, and what organizational
    actions inspire a group of people to act — forms the basis of long-term

    Data points are meaningless by themselves. What matters is numbers over time. Having 10,000 mentions on Twitter only means something when compared to the same information from 30 days ago.

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