Free Social Media Strategy Content

4 Types of Social Media Strategy for Businesses

Today, you are welcome to free content from the forthcoming book, Welcome to the Fifth Estate. It is a great pleasure to offer this to you as a loyal reader.

The Fifth Estate Strategy Wiki has two versions of the above powerpoint (for businesses and nonprofits) featuring the ideas presented in chapter four on strategy. It also has links to a dozen blog posts about strategy, many of which are not included in the book, and other resources. You can visit the wiki here. Please feel free to take this content and use it, and become a wiki member and add/comment/edit.

So many social media books have been published as vehicles for the personalities behind them. That would not be a successful outcome for Welcome to the Fifth Estate. This book is meant to provide ideas on how to create a strategy for social media within the context of a larger communications program. It will be a success if more practitioners understand and create effective strategies, rather than deploy tactics and tools alone. That means getting these ideas in the marketplace is the most important aspect of publishing the book.

There will be future updates to the wiki, including additional pages on tactics, measurement and sustainability. Expect more free information on this wiki, as well as an ongoing podcast of the book, which will disseminate the book’s ideas, again without cost to interested parties.

Thank you for your support.