When to Tweet


If you are a data freak and on Twitter, you will love 14 Blocks. The Twitter tool operates on the premises that there are two primary blocks of time during each day for optimal community engagement. Specifically, 14 Blocks analyzes your entire following’s behavior to determine when most of them are online.

14 Blocks seems to work. Using link posts during specified times, it was clear that more traffic came through than at other times, although retweets were not so easily given. Of course, this may have to do with the post and lack of personal engagement during those time periods.

One of the most interesting things 14 Blocks reveals is how few people are actually on Twitter at any given point. Even during the highest peek periods, at best 2% of the 12,000 person geoffliving Twitter account following is online. Most of the time it is less than 1%.

The lack of participation would certainly corroborate recent studies and analysis that Twitter is overrated. And of course it means that Twitter is not a broadcast tool. Really, with so few followers online at any given time how could it be? With such low percentages online, Twitter truly is a community engagement tool (with a lot of dead accounts).

Regardless of deep interpretations and data analysis, 14 Blocks is an ideal tool for those folks who can’t be on Twitter all the time and want to pick their spots. Check it out.

P.S. Thank you Adele McAlear for passing on the good word about 14 Blocks!