•  McDonald’s is an interesting analogy. Yes, they’ve added new menu items, but I don’t think the quality of those items is what makes them a viable option. McDonald’s at this point (to me at least) is successful because they are McDonald’s.  It’s right there, it’s easy, you can get in and out cheaply and no one gets hurt.  Has Facebook gotten to that level? Do we all use Facebook, not because it offers a superior experience, but because, well, it’s Facebook?

    • Well, the toilets in Facebook aren’t anywhere near as good as McDonalds, and neither is the customer service ;)

  •  I think Facebook is reaching its saturation point. Basically 1 in every 9 people on Earth and 1 in 3 internet users has a Facebook account. My prediction for Facebook at the end of 2010 was that they would start to actually go backward and lose more users than they gain unless they clean up their spam and security issues.

    The biggest lure of Facebook is that that’s where people hang out. We all know that nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd but a train wreck comes a pretty close second.
    People will follow the herd. Once a new shiny object gains traction (probably not Quora or Empie Avenue) the migration will happen again.

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