• Geoff – great post here!

    You have no idea how many requests I get to develop a social media strategy for Facebook. One thing I always remind people of (and I’m sure you do the same) is that Facebook is a single channel among many with it’s specific strengths.

    But like direct mail (as an example), it must be integrated with other channels. For instance, you’d never mail 100,000 appeal letters without a strategy for the web (many recipiants will certainly Google you) and phone campaigns (direct mail is way more effective when coupled with inbound and outbound phone calls).

    More specifically, many Facebook fans might Google your org after reading a provocative update. What keywords is Google suggesting? “Do’h! Who’s in charge of our SEO strategy?”

    • I hear you, brother.  I felt like the introduction to this post was necessary, but a big disclaimer in that sense.  We love our shiny objects!

  • Great Post!!

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  • Thanks for the Post Geoff,  guess there is no gain without pain. I agree with both you and John, Facebook needs to be integrated with other channels. I heard yesterday that a communications company in DC abandoned all other channel development for clients and now only does social media, what is that about, making money off the next shiny thing, kind of short sighted, not that SM is going anywhere.

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