Win a Fifth: How Has Social Empowered You?

Julie Pippert & The Fifth Estate

Interested in winning a copy of Welcome to the Fifth Estate? Then here’s your chance: The five people who best tell how social media has empowered them to make a difference for their business, their community or their family will win a copy of the book.

One of the cores aspects of Welcome to the Fifth Estate is an empowered citizen media that can challenge and circumnavigate traditional media (the Fourth Estate) structures. Businesses and individuals alike can join and develop communities to achieve great things: From social change to blood-loyal user communities. For more discussion on the topic, read Gini Dietrich‘s review of the book.

This is a great chance to get a copy of Welcome to the Fifth Estate. Demand has been outpacing supply to date. To win, simply leave your story in a comment below, and the best stories will be chosen tomorrow morning by the Zoetica team, and based on perceived impact. This is a subjective measure, so leave a great comment!