There Are No Experts, Only More Experiences

Red herring @ Lowestoft, Suffolk
Image by timparkinson

After reading the chatter about clown-gate and ensuing social media expert bashing posts last month, the first reaction was to ignore it and continue real work. It was the ultimate red herring. But upon further reflection, it seems necessary to point out that all parties became obsessed with the word expert. There really is no such thing, there are only experiences.

The reemergence of the social media expert meme was fueled by two well known voices who have had great successes in the past. Yet they sought to put themselves above their peers. Why? Who knows. Perhaps they were trying to sell books or needed attention. Maybe they were just venting.

It doesn’t matter.

Some of us have more experiences than others. This lends insight into current situations, and can usually lead to a better result.

However, as the old saying goes, you are only as good as your last ball game. We each have an opportunity to excel or fail every day. Even failure provides an experience, one that can create growth.

What does matter is that those of us who care about our business avoid petty distractions. We need to continue serving our customers with great communications. And we have to keep evolving. The media continues to change, becoming faster, and more mobile and visual. Staying abreast of this ever changing online world, and continuing to deliver excellence is the real task at hand.

It is only by gaining more experiences that we can excel. What do you think?

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