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  • That’s a loaded question, my friends…   You can, but it’s really, really hard. Content marketing is build around brands creating and paying for their own content.  But what if a brand built a social experienced using third-party information? If it’s not branded, but used as part of the social experience, does that still count as content marketing? Perhaps this is grey area.

    The theory behind social media is about about earning conversation. Then, theoretically wouldn’t need content…ever. All a brand would need to do is create opportunities that spark conversation, and the best way to that is through events – large and small. 

    As people are sharing, posting, communicating with social connections, the brand should listen and respond accordingly. This would deliver a real-world social experience that doesn’t require content, only a listening device and a smart brand person ready to respond. 

    Brands get so caught up in the land of Facebook and Twitter that they forget digital conversation and engagement often begins in the ‘analog’ world. Sure, you can spark all kinds of digital engagement with content, but the digital social experience is so much better when augmented by real world experiences. Don’t you think?  

    So, to answer your question, yes, it is possible. And it can still be interesting and have a lot of online engagement. And maybe people at your party will create their own content that you can use – going back to that grey area part from before – and be successful. 

    Content marketing strategies, I find, are one dimensional and very few, if any, include an offline component to them.  

    Cheers! Your friendly Contrapuntist.  

    P.S. And for the record… I do love and encourage the development and distribution of content. ;) 

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