Writing A Book… Again

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Gini Dietrich’s reaction after one week of working with me

I’m happy to announce that I’m writing a new book, this time with Gini Dietrich and with a new publisher, Pearson. The topic is…

Not social media! Yay!

What a relief. How many social media books can one person write? I mean geez, I was thinking about writing a book on the Winklevosses, but I think it might have been done already.

BUT like every other blogger, we just did the, “We’re writing a book” post. As if you care. LOL.

It’s a little weird because we can’t tell you what we’re writing about. BUT, rest assured, if you are reading this blog, you will find it useful.

As to writing with Gini, it has really been a great experience. She has a lot of the same qualities and attitudes about getting work done. Not to mention that she is a fantastic blogger, and has a wicked sense of humor. Congratulations to Gini are in order. This is her first title, and given the topic XXX XXXXX XXXX and her theories about XXXX XXXX, the subject matter will clearly distinguish itself.

Special thanks to Katherine Bull for shepherding the project. It’s great to work with a professional house like Pearson.

The book is due in January, and will be published in May. In the interim — because I will not be blogging my book — you may find that the frequency of posts here drops to two or three a week. Please bear with me until 2012 as I work on this exciting project.

And thanks for tolerating another Me, Myself and I post.