Writing A Book… Again

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Gini Dietrich’s reaction after one week of working with me

I’m happy to announce that I’m writing a new book, this time with Gini Dietrich and with a new publisher, Pearson. The topic is…

Not social media! Yay!

What a relief. How many social media books can one person write? I mean geez, I was thinking about writing a book on the Winklevosses, but I think it might have been done already.

BUT like every other blogger, we just did the, “We’re writing a book” post. As if you care. LOL.

It’s a little weird because we can’t tell you what we’re writing about. BUT, rest assured, if you are reading this blog, you will find it useful.

As to writing with Gini, it has really been a great experience. She has a lot of the same qualities and attitudes about getting work done. Not to mention that she is a fantastic blogger, and has a wicked sense of humor. Congratulations to Gini are in order. This is her first title, and given the topic XXX XXXXX XXXX and her theories about XXXX XXXX, the subject matter will clearly distinguish itself.

Special thanks to Katherine Bull for shepherding the project. It’s great to work with a professional house like Pearson.

The book is due in January, and will be published in May. In the interim — because I will not be blogging my book — you may find that the frequency of posts here drops to two or three a week. Please bear with me until 2012 as I work on this exciting project.

And thanks for tolerating another Me, Myself and I post.


  • Just posted a comment over at Spin Sucks: how exciting! I won’t reiterate what I said there, except to say: Bravo! Many talk and dream about writing “the book”, but never actual do it.  I’ll look forward to reading the fruits of your labours. (and I suppose if I was writing “the book”, I’d have to start spelling non-Canadian, haha!)
    Cheers!  Kaarina

    • I liked your comment on @GiniDietrich:twitter ‘s blog. It’s true, it takes a lot of discipline and diligence to write a book.  Thank goodness this isn’t my first rodeo.  We’ll get it done.

  • Congratulations Geoff!  Looking forward to the new book. 

  • Finally a book on xxxx xxxx that tells the real story!

    Looking forward to whatever you and whatsherface have planned. Hopefully she won’t hold you back too much (I tease, Gini).

    Excited for whatever you two put into the world!

  • You already know I’m excited for both of you. and I hope you use the drag photo as your head shot in the book. I’d pay extra for that. 
    I also hope this means you’ll come visit more often! It was fun to meet you in person.

  • YEAH!!!

  • As Pearson has been a client, I’m thrilled they picked you up. Good luck with it.

  • First time here @geofflivingston:disqus …long time lover of Spin Sucks and @ginidietrich:disqus and she clearly thinks you are the real deal…so, I’m glad I’ve stopped by! Congratulations on the new book and the opportunity to work with Gini…And, one of my favorite topics EVER is XXXXXXXX and Gini’s take on XXXXXX is so compelling…I’ve been long wondering why she hasn’t written a book on XXXXXX earlier!!! 
    Good luck on this very exciting adventure and I am glad to “meet” you here!

    • She just has a thing for curmudgeon bloggers who are fans of XXXX XXXX XXX.  Thanks for coming by and saying hi. Hope to see you on the interwebs.

  • I said it over on Spin Sucks, so it’s only fair I say it here too: I’m so excited! @geofflivingston:disqus + @ginidietrich:disqus  =fun, useful, kick butt information. I’m wishing you two the best – I’ll be one of the first to preorder the book for sure. 

  • Can’t wait; with the two of you working on it, I’m sure it will be worthy. Good luck.

    • Worthy of heckling, worthy of $.10 more on ebay with both of our signatures, worthy of three hours to read, most importantly. I hope.

  • Oh man, I kind of think this might need a new slogan… where awesome happens cc @twitter-17925141:disqus 

  • Congratulations, Geoff! I’m sure if you’re excited about xxx, I will find xxxx to be really xxx!


  • What. The. Hell. Were. You. Thinking?

  • Exciting stuff — congratulations

  • Huge congrats to you Geoff. I’m more than thrilled to get my copy of xxx-xxxx , and I’m sure if it’s written anything like your blogs it will be fun, frank, and worth every penny.



  • What does it have to do with Angry Birds game? O_o

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