5 Common Forms of Facebook Spam

Image by Christian Barmala

One of the issues a mature social network brings with it is spam. And though Facebook has rebooted its privacy settings for sharing, it is still largely an opt-out network that creates tons of spam.

The spamification of Facebook extends beyond professional solicitations to unwanted emails created by friends who want you to participate in their activities. While this is well-intended, it just shows that Facebook with its many features has also created many ways to spam your buddies. Here are five common forms of Facebook spam:

1) Group Additions

There’s nothing worse than getting added to a busy Facebook Group, and suddenly having dozens — even hundreds — of emails land in your in box. Worse, Facebook does not allow you to control notifications before getting added to a group. So you can only stop the spam after the fact. Ugh.

2) Event Invites

Yup, a marketer’s favorite, one that most of us are guilty of. But this feature has become meaningless to many power users because they receive so many unwanted event invites. Why bother?

3) Tagged with… Spam!

From professional photographers with watermarked images to marketers highlighting their wares, getting tagged with spam happens all the time. Of course, one man’s garbage is another’s treasure. If at all possible, when doing this, make sure the tagged post/picture/video includes them or is clearly of interest. You can avoid this kind of spam by barring people from tagging you via privacy settings.

4) Places

Oh, the mobile Places feature is going away… Only to be integrated across the entire network regardless of access method. Which means more Places spam. Beware of commenting or worse getting tagged by friends at a Place without having your privacy settings changed to avoid the deluge of email.

5) Friend Invites

These are just annoying. Businesses, obvious pornographers, anonymous handles, whatever. Regardless of motive, it’s downright obnoxious. And if you are conservative about your friending on Facebook, general friend requests from extended network members can be just as annoying. Friends aren’t what they used to be. Unless you say no ;)

What forms of Facebook spam do you find most, ahem, endearing? Applications? Notes? Learn more about Facebook’s Privacy Settings here.


  • Here’s one “If you agree with (insert cause that you would be an *sshole to disagree with here), post this as your status for one hour.

    Ugh! – Garry

  • I HATE HATE HATE #3. Hate it. Hate hate hate it.

    Have I used the word hate yet? There is just no reason to tag a person in a picture who isn’t in it. The one exception is when my family is trying to get me to notice or comment on something. I keep thinking I’ve blocked this ability only to find it still works.

    Number one reason for unfriending even people I am close to. And punks, if you do it to me I will wait until you think I’ve forgotten and fly to where you are to get my revenge. Don’t test me. :)

  • I finally got so fed up with the inanity of Facebook, I deactivated my account. I would have deleted it, but I also have a page, and I wanted to be sure I could continue to maintain it (however lazily).

    Then I coincidentally Googled myself to check something and some other Brian Driggs’s FB profile showed up on the first page of results. Boo. Aside from the odd, sketchy directory site, I’m pretty much the first three, four, five pages of results for my name. (Ten years doing stuff online will do that.)

    So I reactivated my FB profile. Disabled any/all notifications, blocked invites, check-ins, apps, pretty much everything that makes FB a waste of time. The only thing showing up on my profile right now – even for friends who know me – is a bio advising I left for G+ and that I can be contacted there or through my websites. 

    Random doppleganger still sits on Google P1, but whatever. I’m on Facebook – barely. And it’s been peaceful and quiet ever since. Ahhh…

    • You are much more aggressive than me with this! I admire it. G+ hasn’t really done it for me yet. I hope they unveil new services soon. Or more people come on board.

  • I don’t even look at my event invites any more. I wonder if I’m missing anything good :). 

    These new “check-ins” are getting pretty annoying too. I’m sure those will be used to SPAM sooner or later.

  •  I think they just do this for the sake of exposure of an internet marketing plan.

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