Final Punishment: Sandwich Board Shame at the White House

Finally, it’s time for the third punishment from The Punish Geoff Fundraiser for Mark Horvath’s Yes, the sandwich board was donned saying, “I’ve written two social media books. Please hire me.” But instead of a walk of shame in front of Congress social media savoir faire was mocked in front of the White House.

Enjoy the fun.

And do support Mark Horvath’s Mark’s journey across the continent has finished in Canada and now enters the U.S. leg as he drives back to the West Coast highlighting the hidden faces of homelessness across America.

Thanks to all of you who donated and supported the Punish Geoff Fundraiser.

7 Replies to “Final Punishment: Sandwich Board Shame at the White House”

  1. You should have put your Klout score on the sandwich board.

    BUT! I was LMAO off watching that. you are awesome.

  2. Hilarious, Geoff! Good laughs, good cause.

    Although as your editor, I MUST tell you that in the link at the end “invisible” is misspelled. Bad, bad, bad. I just added another 1,000 clams to your copyediting budget. Just kidding ya…maybe. ;-)

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