Current Social Network Punditry Causing Naps

nap time
Image by LOLren

Oh yes, there are many changes afoot amongst the social networks. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, oh my! And of course, the social media punditry has ratcheted up with the competition. Could it be more meaningless and boring?

Seriously. New feature social network roll-outs are about as exciting watching the fall line-up of TV programming getting announced.

Interesting? Yes. Meaningful? No, not until you get to experience the show a couple of times.

The difference is that instead of several TV critics, we have tens of thousand of so-called experts offering declarations at ever opportunity. The social media marketers who claim to know how these features will impact business are just ridiculous.

Sorry. It’s laughable. Can anyone possibly know how these new features will work out before even using them? Even for just a week?

Point being, who really knows? No one.

Let’s be frank, there is no social networking revolution, no dramatic change in the way people interact online that has been caused by any of these updates. Just more options. And that’s why for those of us who use these tools to communicate professionally, the current punditry is worthy of a big long nap.