Fare Well, Zoeticans

Beth Kanter (@kanter), Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) & Kami Huyse (@kamichat)

Floods are incredible things. They do more than just financially damage your house, they can change your life course. And so it was with me and Zoetica.

A plan to become an autonomous consultant under the Zoetica brand turned into a hasty departure in late September. The company was migrating into autonomous consultancies after an effort to scale for a year and a half. The immediate exit was taken to liquidate my ownership to help finance recovery from the continuing flood damage.

I would publicly like to thank my business partners Kami Huyse and Beth Kanter for facilitating this exit in a rapid fashion. Thank you for the great projects and experiences that we had together, from the American Red Cross and the Case Foundation to Google and the National 4-H Council, and many other worthy clients, too many to name here.

And I wish you both well with your continuing efforts under the Zoetica brand, and independently with the Packard Foundation. We still have one more dance, though, and I look forward to releasing our final client report together (assuming approvals within the client).

For me, the next few months will be focused on Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, and analyzing its best practices and lessons learned in a Case Foundation research report. And, oh yeah, there’s this book thing. Much to do.

Again, thank you, Kami and Beth.