CForward: There Is No Profit without Nonprofits

This week marked the launch of CForward, a 501c4 — a Political Action Committee (PAC) — committed to better inclusion of nonprofits in political economic agendas. In spite of nonprofits vital role in the nonprofit sector in every community across the country — representing 10% of the overall U.S. economy and workforce — the economic contributions of the sector are an afterthought… A way to address cut social services programs.

In fact now, the nonprofit sector is endangered by our local, state, and national politicians clamoring for their jobs bills, economic stimulation, and government cutbacks. Part of the agenda includes cutting vital nonprofit services, the same services that create social sector jobs (usually low paying ones), invigorate a community’s health, and stimulate its economy.

CForward is not a cry for hand-outs. It is a demand to be listened to during the critical 2012 election year. It is an acknowledgment that politicians need to start partnering with the nonprofit community to strengthen the economy, not simply slashing and overtaxing it at every opportunity.

Robert Egger, the genius behind the job creating DC Central Kitchen (and its sister Campus and city kitchens across the country), started CForward. In his Huffington Post piece announcing CForward, Robert stated:

Through grants or government contracts [nonprofits], like Boeing or Lockheed Martin, bring significant outside investment into every community to create jobs, generate taxes and spur the economy through their and their employee’s daily commerce. Any candidate who cannot provide detailed plans for how they would channel that economic and entrepreneurial energy isn’t worth a vote.

What CForward does differently is it offers politicians money for their campaigns — in a non-partisan fashion — IF they will consider the nonprofit sector in their economic plans. It plays the Washington insider game by educating candidates about the economic contributions of the nonprofit sector, and supporting those that play ball. And right or wrong, that’s how DC’s K Street crowd works.

I have joined CForward’s board as the nonprofit sector has been an important part of my entire personal life as well as a critical part of my professional life. To demonstrate my commitment to this effort, I donated $1000 to CForward. I hope you’ll support CForward, too. You can also follow CForward on Twitter.