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  1. Well said, Geoff. I think businesses and nonprofits should claim their space. But then I look at my page and wonder if it’s a plus (*grin*) to have a page with out-of-date posts…

    Guess I better update mine. :)

  2. One issue I’m personally wrestling with right now is that I already have a personal G+ page highlighting my professional expertise. Should I also get a business G+ page? What would be the difference?

    1. Even if it just points to your personal profile, yes. You want to protect your brand name.  As to content, if you intend to scale you will eventually need to be more than just you, so consider content that is less personal.

  3. I know it is very early but has anyone attempted to list up the best Google+ brand pages yet?

    Since the Page name is just numbers, to what extent is a Page Brand grabbed? For John Doe – Photographer … can there be just one?

    Looking forward to see your Page launch Geoff. I see your note about “capacity” here and I hear you.

    I have a lot of improvements to make on my personal G+ profile but one step for anyone would be to optimize your “Employment” to other than “self”.

    1. Funny, my bio reads “Self.”  As I am self employed, and am not interested in building another company at the moment, you won’t see a Page from me.  But I am suggesting that clients do it!

  4. All I keep thinking is ‘feed the beast.’ I recognize that it’s time to stop dipping and start doing. But I remain unconvinced that the Plus is a game changer. I don’t know how you put the cart before the horse and then expect the coachman (or woman) to drive. Google is truly defining what a ‘user experience’ is in the sense that the company has figured out how to get the user to do its dirty work for it. And therein lies one of my key problems with the Plus. I don’t like doing other people’s work for them while they reap the rewards. At some point, the field needs to be leveled. 

    1. I can see where people feel that way. I consider it the price of free. Because much of my work is Google tool dependent — free tools — I find myself increasingly drawn to Plus.  Just once a day on average, but more so than a couple of months ago.

      1. I agree. But the price of free can be quite costly, no? I try to visit it once a day. But I have engagement issues and so I wonder how a brand will fare? I see its utility for education, pharma and health. Less so for an Ivory or a Pepsi….

        1. Yup, for some it will be better to set up an outpost and simply use a URL to send them to a more active site.
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