• Problem with this post: The EdgeRank Checker graphic and post you are drawing from is three months old. In the time since then, Facebook has changed this, and there is no longer an EdgeRank penalty for third-party posting, as EdgeRank Checker itself reported:

    • Fair enough. What about every other third party interface?

      • Obviously ERC only tested Facebook, so hard to answer. But I should hasten to add that I agree with your basic premise, that it is better to post on the native environment whenever possible, as you tend to give the correct look and feel for that environment best when you’re actually using it.

  • I agree with you, Geoff. I use Hootsuite to schedule posts, but I actually use the regular old Twitter interface for viewing and responding. I decided early on to do that because I wanted the experience that most people would have. 

    • I use Tweetdeck quite a bit, but still use the native interface quite a bit. I do enjoy it (shamefully admits it).

  • Reporting’s a big deal for me, and it’s easier to generate them from HootSuite. That and scheduling Tweets–inevitable for an organization. So I guess I’ll use it till Twitter comes with good analytics like Facebook did, and forces me off 3rd party apps.

  • I think it is helpful to use native applications. I also think marketers should review their content in as many different apps and devices as they can. I check on my computer, phone and iPad in a variety of apps on each. The content appears in amazingly different ways. Right now, I’m in Flipboard, one of the most unique presentations I’ve found.

  • On the issue of third party apps as they relate to Twitter, I am of the opinion that using Twitter for tweeting, discourages engagement.  When I see a tweet was posted “via web”, I know they don’t have multiple columns, ala Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, and as such, are less likely to see my reply.  Often, I don’t bother…unless, of course, their tweet was about bacon or kitties, then I am obliged.

    Of course, I might be wrong.

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