• It’s about the marathon, not the sprint.  Love the post!

  • This is where the press, mashables, social ninjas and idiots are really screwing with people’s heads. I have a finance degree and number crunch all the time. Back when Facebook showed real stats for every two users there was only 1 action per day (Status Update, Like, Comment). So using extrapolation I have proven that 85% of all facebook activity comes from 15% of the user base. 150mil US visitors per Compete = about 25mil heavy users. and last month 192mil people bought something online.

    Facebook scrubbed all its numbers. In April 2010 each user averaged 55mins. It is now down to 20mins.

    Why all this deception? It hurts the ‘Story’. It hurts the Facebook Goliath/IPO Goldman/Russian and Chines Mafia get their money back + profits ruse. If only 25mil people use Facebook heavily each day that says ‘HUGE GAPING HOLE OF OPPORTUNITY’.

    The saddest part are all the Social Media talking heads focused on facebook and the fb agencies like usefulmedia, likeable, and vitrue who funnel businesses to ‘what they do’ which is facebook. And if I am trying to get a client to advise on social media if I tell them 150mil people are on facebook each month they will rush to hire me. if I tell them the truth that 8 in 9 US consumers will not be reachable by social media today they will view social as more a niche.

    Big divergence in my view.

    •  I still think social media is a component piece that allows for chatter, from the marketing standpoint. Word of mouth, grass roots, etc. Without the bigger guns of advertising and PR, you’re looking at a niche play (as you stated) or a weak launch/initiative.

  • Great article, mate, as always.

    Like you say, this is probably the first time that a social player – at least, such a major one – has gone to this kind of in-your-home approach.

    Will it be enough to really drive mainstream adoption? Maybe – the difference with the Pinterest and Tumblr evangelists is that they’re made up of demographics suited to mass adoption (women and younger audiences).

    The question is, can Google’ tech-heavy social media players encourage Joe Public? Time will tell – but fair play for trying.

    Cheers, sir!

    •  Probably the most demonstrative move that Google is getting what it takes to be social.  I do agree that it’s probably not enough alone, but I just don’t think Google is going to let it die without more changes and evolution to make it go.  Who knows, maybe they’ll buy PInterest. Groan.

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  • Nice post,
    Pinterest  had as many as fb html5 music player

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