Lost Your Social Edge? Try JugnooMe

I made the above video at the suggestion of JugnooMe

Normally I am skeptical of web-based solutions like Klout and PostRank that claim to make better social media voices. When my friend and colleague Danny Brown announced JugnooMe, a web based solution that “levels the playing field for the benefit of all,” I opened my mind. JugnooMe promises that small business and nonprofits can use the solution to optimize and further their social presence.

When I started using the application, I was impressed. The list of JugnooMe tasks were strong suggestions that based on my experiences would strengthen a brand’s presence with real community.

It was also a bit disconcerting. See, it made me realize how sloppy and indifferent I have become about my social presence. The tasks were a bit of cold water in the face, and I could see that I had been coasting for a long time. So I started responding more frequently on social networks, and in blogs.

Granted, it’s really hard for me to do all of these tasks. I still have a day job that’s only tangentially related to my personal writings and presence. Most importantly, I have a young daughter who deserves my attention first. That being said, when I decide to pick up my online presence, I am checking JugnooMe’s suggestions.

One thing JugnooMe offers that newer voices will like is a comprehensive suite of solutions. This includes the dashboard, integration of social media channels, it’s own interfaces into these destinations, and analytics. Personally, I’m mostly set in my ways with the tools I already use, but I did think these features could be useful to others.

“Feedback so far has been mostly positive, which is always nice to hear when you go ‘public’, even if that’s public as in an open beta,” said Danny Brown. “Users seem to really enjoy the simplicity of the all-in-one-place approach, as well as the less intensive userface. We can improve – our plugin install process, for example, is one area we’re looking to streamline. But overall we’re pleased with the reaction so far, and we’ll continue to listen to our users, to make sure we keep improving with every release.”

The analytics package is interesting and highly visual. While anyone with Google Analytics may find the traditional package to be comprehensive, this does parse the data differently, and relies on graphs to tell your data story.

Overall, JugnooMe is worth your social media management time, whether you are new, struggling or experienced. At a minimum, JugnooMe will give you a couple of new worthwhile ideas.