• I’d add Idealware, NTEN and Socialbrite blogs to this great list. They provoke and often capture recent trends and conversation pulses.

    • Debra! I came this close to adding you, this close!  I literally tweet every post you write it seems. The only thing that stopped me was frequency.  You are one of my favorites. I will add NTEN, I tweet them all the time, and this was an oversight.

      •  Aw, thanks Geoff. Really appreciate the kinds words and the RTs.

        As you mention, I’ve definitely slowed down this year as other things have claimed my time. I actually have an intention to blog twice-weekly starting in May. Have a “blog budddy” who’s supposed to keep me honest with that promise!

  • Weird. Are we already working as one brain? I was JUST thinking I need to update the Spin Sucks blogroll. I guess I have to make sure you’re there now. :)

  • Todd Defren’s blog makes my head go north-south often.  I really like his thinking. 

    • TDef is my reader for sure. I go through periods of liking and passing on the content, but definitely one of the original voices out there.

      • “Drats” to not making the list, “yay” for the kind words in the comments. I’ll take “original” over “popular,” so long as I can make the rent.

        • Popularity is nice until you realize it’s all bubble gum. I like your attitude.  Good to see you, TDef.

  • Thanks for including SocialFish!  Whoo hoo!

    • Of course, I think you’ve taken it to a new level over the past year. Congratulations on all of your successes.

  • Been wanting to redo my blogroll much the same way; section it to include  my usual suspects, as well as highlight what I’ve read lately, new finds or rediscovered gems to show some variety. And a stand-alone post to support others is a smart move, so I shall be stealing it at some point. FWIW.

  • This is a good idea. I might replace my “Blogs I Swear By” page with an old school blogroll in the sidebar. Thanks for suggesting this, Geoff. 

  • I like some of those blogs! 8)

    I think a list is good. Mine showcases a wide array of creative and sharp thinking related to advertising and marketing. Somehow it includes this blog which I heard was focused on crafts and crafting? ;-)

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