Please Help Me

I need your help making a childhood dream come true. I have always wanted to be a New York Times bestseller, and that’s why I’m writing today about my new book Marketing in the Round.

Me and my co-author Gini Dietrich are hosting a virtual book launch party at 1 EST on Monday (register here) that I hope you’ll attend. If you live in Chicago, you are welcome to attend the live launch party. We’re trying to break the top ten business lists on both and Barnes and Noble for that hour! If we succeed, Gini is going give me a shaving cream pie in the face.

Ifdy Perez Serves Me a Pie in the Face

It’s going to be fun, but it means a lot to me, too. When I was a kid I used to spend hours upon hours reading books in my room. The child of two journalists, I have always loved words. Whether it was science fiction, contemporary novels or classic literature, I ripped right through it. Asimov, Fenimore Cooper, Stephen King, it didn’t matter.

I used to walk the aisles of book stores looking for paperbacks to take home, and whenever the Sunday paper arrived, I always wanted to see who the bestsellers where. It didn’t take long for dreams of my name on those lists to take hold!

Later I became a Literature major at American University studying Russian authors. It was during this time that I began penning my own works, drafting my first unpublished novel, and taking on an internship as a writer at what is now called the Consumer Electronics Association.

As my career progressed, I authored more than 500 stories as a wireless telecom journalist. After going to the dark side (PR), I eventually started my own agency Livingston Communications and began blogging on The Buzz Bin (now owned by CRT/tanaka). My first book Now Is Gone followed soon after.

While a prolific writer for the past seven years, I’ve never had an opportunity quite like this. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been promoting Marketing in the Round heavily, and more than a dozen bloggers committed to publish information about the book next week as part of our launch. We expect it to be quite a week.

I’d like to start that week with you as part of my personal network. Please join in on the fun on Monday at 1 EST, buy a book, and help us break into the top ten business books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble . Your contribution will go a long way to helping make my dream come true.

We’ll be clowning around on U-Stream, on Pinterest (yes, we have a board) and on Twitter (@geoffliving and @ginidietrich). And of course, there’s nothing like serving me a pie in the face as a reward. Believe me, Gini WANTS to do this for you.

Thank you so much,


P.S. If you live in Chicago, Boston, New York , Washington, DC or Kansas City and want to attend a live Marketing in the Round training and networking event featuring both Gini and me, please visit our Marketing in the Round website.